EASii IC designs electronic systems and integrated circuits (System on Chip), and for this purpose, EASii IC developed a 3D modelling tool, called EZMOD3D, in order to check the various extractions in 3D : Capacitive, thermic etc... and therefore allowing the design to be optimized.



Very fast and accurate 3-D capacitance extraction is essential for interconnect optimization in ultra deep sub-micron designs. 3-D simulation tools can help designers find signal integrity problems.

EZMod3D is a general 3D solver for stationary order 0 and 1 problems. It addresses resistive, capacitive, thermal and magnetic modeling and includes key capabilities that allow the tool to win design challenges that occur in smaller process technologies. The goal is to optimize the flow and reduce possible iterations during the process.

EZMOD3D Overview

EZMOD3D Solution provides fast and accurate results from:

  • 3D structure modeling designed by user
  • LEF/DEF Format
  • GDS2 description
  • Spice export

Advanced UI to create quickly all the structures

  • Sketch up your design
  • 3D/2D view
  • Fast loading: 1 Million elements in less than a second

Application notes (available under registration)

Capacitive modeling, 3D parasitic extraction:

  • PCB ground planes
  • 3D module: crosstalk
  • Extract all the capacitance values between the tracks of a PCB

Resistive modeling, 3D parasitic extraction:

  • Chip level: Substrate coupling analysis (…)
  • ESD protection parasitic resistance
  • POLY resistor heating with and without M1/Contact
  • Parasitic extraction on inverter in a ring oscillator