Design of your ASIC
Supply Chain, Turnkey Service
EASii iC is here for you,
In France or abroad, we offer our Customers Flexible solutions adapted to their needs.

Our job: Designing Integrated Circuits

EASii IC is an independent ASIC Design House that supports you in your ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) or SOC (System On Chip) projects and offers a turnkey ASIC mode (Turnkey).

Our skills allow us to best meet the needs of our customers, for projects that are part of the development:

Design SoC & IPs Digital (FE)

Microarchitecture, Specification Functional, RTL design, IPs, Top, UVM, Gate verification, DFT (Insertion of Scan, ATPG, BIST), Synthesis, STA, CDC, ...

Physical implementation (BE)

Place & Route, Clock tree, synthesis, Timing closure, power analysis, LVS, DRC, ...

Analog design

Architecture, Simulation, model verilog, floorplan, layout, simulation post layout, LVS, DRC, ...

With 20 years of SoC implementation experience and 90 engineers working in 2 design centers, EASii IC can provide cutting edge technology solutions for the most demanding projects.

Our Customers, from start-ups to multinationals in the industry, EASii IC is dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of each customer with high quality products and services in the fields of communication, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced audio system, automotive, space and aviation, medicine, video,…

EASii IC has flexible Business Models and highly responsive technical support.

An Ecosystem is important …

Whether with our partners EDA and IPs for the design of integrated circuits, what are:

or our OSAT partners, Test House and Electronic Equipment Partners :


And finally our main partners for the semiconductor manufacturer

Without them nothing could be possible.

Thanks to this constantly evolving ecosystem, we can design Analog, Mixed-Signal, RF and Digital circuits more serenely, in different technologies such as CMOS, BiCMOS, etc. on processes ranging from 7nm to 1µm.

Close collaboration with our partners

We are ARM Approved Partner, and support you in the Design of your ASIC / SoC.

“Arm Approved is a program by which partners are empowered ecosystem in specific technologies and activities, so that they can better support the projects.

Each Arm Approved partner has gone through a robust audit process that allows them to be recommended in their specific area. “

The success of your project is our priority

We operate in the following areas:

We guarantee you quality services

A success that depends on the expertise of our teams, with 90 experts, and allows us to respond to various issues:


– Built-in machine learning
– Audio / Video AI
– Neural networks


– Reduced BoM
– Smaller PCB
– Reduced product weight & size


– High bandwidth memory
– Low latency interaction
– Larger storage capacity


– Encrypted storage communication
– Encryption algorithm for storage communication

Low cost

– Analog-digital mixed signal integration
– Reducing BOM cost


– High performance cloud computing
– Low-power algorithm core
– Full custom design

A tailor-made Business Model …

Do not hesitate to consult us if you cannot find yours.

Our skills

that allow us to meet your needs

Example of our achievements

Supply of your ASIC, Turnkey …

From capturing concept requirements to supply chain, EASii IC offers a “multitude” of turnkey services.

Our turnkey ASIC manufacturing service covers the entire cycle:

from the supply of wafers to packaging, assembly, testing, qualification, performance optimization, supply chain management, failure analysis to delivery of parts good.

We intervene during the 2 phases of the product:

Development phase


▪ Selection of Partners
▪ Contracts with Partners / Suppliers
▪ Planning management
Transport management (Insurance, customs formalities, etc.)

Production phase


Contracts with Partners / Suppliers
Management Planning, Forecasts, Capacities
Optimization of returns
Transport management (Insurance, customs formalities, etc.)
Quality, Traceability
Management of the flow of customer returns

How much does my ASIC cost …

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