Introducing the SCPTime® concept

SCPTime is a complete system for producing and distributing universal, traceable and highly secure time anywhere in the world.

We ensure the protection of the distribution of UTC – French legal time (Decree no. 2017-292 of March 6, 2017) via the internet, to bring it to our customers, guaranteeing its integrity, availability and traceability and an accuracy of the order of 10 ms.

Through a subscription formula, we provide you with an EZ-Box that receives the STS Secure NTP and broadcasts legal time throughout your network via a standard protocol (NTP).

In the event of failure of your Internet connection, this EZ-Box guarantees a maximum 0.5 s deviation from legal time for the first 24 hours.

For time-critical equipment, you can install the SCPTime Agent software, which secures and tracks synchronization between the EZ-Box and the equipment.

This software can either monitor or correct the equipment’s time.

If you have several sites, a box installed in each of them ensures synchronization to the hundredth of a second, even internationally.

Scheme Global SCPTime EN

For companies and organizations whose cybersecurity rules do not allow Internet connectivity, we propose, after careful study, the installation of a stand-alone SCPTime architecture.

This allows time to be distributed within the information system, with secure synchronization to legal time at random intervals.

For organizations with accuracy requirements in excess of 10 ms, we can use secure, private network links to bring legal time to microsecond accuracy, via PTP protocol.