Electronics Consulting
Microelectronics, Software ...
EASii IC is here for you,
In France or abroad, we offer our Customers flexible solutions adapted to their needs.

EASii IC brings together people whose expertise can handle projects ranging from circuit to system in fields such as telecoms, imaging, consumer electronics, automotive, aeronautics, medical, space and the Defense, …

These skills allow us to best meet the needs of our customers, for projects that are part of the development:


ASIC Integrated Circuits Design (Digital, Analog, or Mixed and RF)


Hardware systems built around µC,
µP, DSP, FPGA or ASIC, …


Embedded software, Drivers, protocols, HMI and applications on standard OS

Test bench / Measurements

Acquisition, Test, Asic Characterization bench, Measurements …

The success of EASii IC
through the success of a group thanks to its determination, technical skills and strong interpersonal skills.

We work on the development of Digital, Mixed Analog or RF ASICs, for circuits such as 3G, 4G LTE modems, chip companions, video encoder, TV decoder, Bluetooth, UWB, Zigbee, CMOS, CCD and infrared imager, audio , power management, Quad band Transceiver…, on CMOS, SOI technologies, with increasingly small structures (45, 32 and 28 nm).

Digital ASIC
We offer our customers the development and implementation of a flow:

We work on the development of electronic cards or systems, whether in small series (prototypes or demonstrators) or on larger series.

We also produce cards for test benches or for ASIC system prototyping on an FPGA platform.
We offer our services in all stages of software development:

We also offer services in digital signal processing (modeling algorithm, DSP, …)

Test & characterization

EASii IC is involved in the development of test benches for the characterization of integrated circuits or for testing electronic boards and systems and in carrying out measurement campaigns.

For this, we are developing: