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30 November2023

Golden Electrons Trophy 2023

EASii IC wins the Electron d'Or 2023 award in the "Digital Semiconductors" category!
5 October2023

IoT Business Hub 2023 Awards

EASii IC has been selected in the "Technological Innovation" category for the IoT Business Hub 2023 Awards.
12 September2023

EASii IC – First aid awareness day

To mark World First Aid Day, which took place on Saturday September 09, 2023, EASii IC organized a first aid awareness event.
6 September2023

EASii IC goes back to school

2 August2023

Our Paris offices in the La Défense district

Our offices in the heart of Paris - La Défense
11 July2023

X-REL Semiconductor

EASii IC enthusiastically celebrates its X-REL Semiconductor business