Presentation of the SCPTime® concept

SCPTime® is a complete system for producing and disseminating universal, traceable and highly secure time all over the world.

We operate and protect the broadcasting of UTC(OP), the real time realization of UTC in France (French legal time) via the internet, and bring it to our customers with a guarantee of integrity, availability, traceability, and a 10ms accuracy.

Through a subscription plan, we provide a box “EZ-Box” which receives a secured NTP signal (STS) and disseminate it throughout your network via the standard protocol NTP.

Should your internet connection collapse, this EZ-Box guarantees a deviation of 0.5s maximum from UTC in the first 24 hours.

You can optionally install our “SCPTime Agent” software on your critical timestamping devices, which secures and traces the time synchronization between the EZ-Box and the device. This software can either monitor or correct the time of the device.

If you have several sites, an EZ-Box installed on each of them ensures their synchronization to 0.01s, even in different countries.

Scheme Global SCPTime EN

For organizations whose cybersecurity rules do not allow Internet connectivity, we can study and realize the installation of an autonomous SCPTime architecture.

This allows the dissemination of time within the information system, with a synchronization to legal time in complete security on time and at random frequency.

For organizations whose accuracy needs are greater than 10 ms, we can, using private and secure network links, provide legal time with an accuracy of the order of microseconds, via PTP protocol.