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EZMod3D is a division of EASii IC, which develops a 3D multi-domain physical simulation software solution (also called 3D field solver) mainly developed to process the design of integrated circuits (ASICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs) and both at the same time (CoDesign).

EZMod3D was developed on the basis of an innovative solver enabling a fast simulation. This technology has allowed intensive use internally at EASii IC, targeting the requirements of our project: reducing iterations between design and manufacturing.

Nowadays, the importance of pre-sizing is becoming paramount.

Revolutionize your workflow ...
  • Reduce development costs based on accurate and fast 3D simulations
  • Optimize time to market, using EZMod3D from the pre-dimensioning phase to manufacturing
  • Allow and strengthen the collaborative work of your designers
  • Educational approach, simulate physics easily and assess the impact on your designs yourself
  • Low investment and attractive pricing
EZMod3D for whom? ...

For all the engineers designing :

What are the problems you are facing so far ?

In your ASIC:

  • Do you have frequencies or more broadly with a high band gain product?
  • Do you have high currents or more broadly high power?
  • Do you have converters with more than 10 bit resolution?
  • Do you have mixed circuits (analog / digital) with power supply (IR DROP) or partitioning problems?
  • Do you have substrate couplings, parasite through the dielectric, temperature sensitivity, etc.)  ?

On your board :

  • Do you encounter stability problems (oscillations on signals)?
  • Are you worried about overheating or do you simply have thermal constraint ?
  • Does your board embed relatively large size, a very large number of layers and vias?
  • Does your power supply need to be analyzed and protected?
  • What is the ASIC / PCB coupling from a capacitive or thermal point of view?

Considering your package :

  • Which heat dissipation strategy to choose?
  • Constrained environments where the packaging is problematic?
  • What types of package, dimensions and materials?
  • What is the ASIC / Package and Package / PCB interaction from a capacitive or thermal point of view?
Regarding Cross-talk effects, are you sure you don't need EZMod3D ?
What do i need?

Very simple, you just need to start with your input data

In pre-sizing step, you can sketchup thanks to advanced user intergrated matrial library

What will be the output functions ?

Depending on the type of Physical Simulation you want to simulate, you will get for:

Temperature mapping also including visualization of the gradient, Power flux, Thermal conductivity

Potential mapping, Current density, Gradient, … and the SPICE Netlist

Magnetic Field Strengh, H-B Field visualization, … and the SPICE Netlist

Potential mapping, Electric field… and the SPICE Netlist

EZMod3D is simply the CAD SOLUTION on the market to avoid redesign risks and to get it right the 1st TIME
Typical Applications

Please find below some EZMod3D examples regarding your job : ASIC, PCB, Packaging or System

Set your Example:

How to extract the serial resistance of the Pdub-NWell diode or in other words how to model the substrate coupling?

In a recent IC design, we had to use separate masses between the upper level blocks and separate the substrate from the masses.
Anytime an IC substrate is not connected to ground, there may be a problem with ESD protection.
In order to respond to this problem, we have chosen to use a pair of back-to-back protection diodes between each mass and between the substrate and each mass.

With extremely low resistance and inductance to the PCB, this will provide both ESD protection and acceptable insulation.

How to Download EZMod3D?

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