As the design-house of innovative SoC & ASICs, EASii IC has become a certified partner by Arm, for the design based on their latest cores.

EASii IC has successfully completed Arm’s audit process to receive this accreditation. This validates the ability of EASii IC to meet the growing requirements for solutions and expertise based on Arm® cores, for new technologies such as the Internet of Objects and Artificial Intelligence. “Becoming an Arm Approved Design Partner is an essential step in recognizing our design skills and our commitment to quality,” said Yannick THEPAUT, CEO of EASii IC. Over the past 15 years of serving demanding markets such as aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, mobile telephony, industry and medical, EASii IC has developed a robust design flow, to the supports top performing EDA solutions, and has built an analog IP library that perfectly complements Arm’s cores, enabling innovative ASICs to be rapidly designed. “The Arm Design Partner program provides assurance that EASii IC has been rigorously tested and knows how to implement IP Arms in the most effective and efficient manner possible,” said Peter Lewin, Marketing Director, Partner Enablement Group. “This enables EASii IC to offer more customers a low risk solution, from specification to ASIC procurement, to accelerate time to market for their products.”